Our Story


Welcome to Layer One Clothing, where we believe that true confidence comes from a feeling within yourself.  That it’s not about what people think of you, it’s about how you feel inside. Our mission is to empower you to embrace your uniqueness and feel confident in every layer of life.

Our Story

This adventure started with a simple idea – why limit ourselves to fashion's usual confines? Let's explore a world where products aren't just things, but empowering companions. With this thought in my mind (and some positive encouragement!), I brought an idea to life – reinventing underwear and dialing up the convenience to a new level.

But .... there's more. I zoned in on my everyday escapades and thought ... Why should we twist and turn to fit into products? Products should be the ones doing the adjusting.  I wanted to stop settling or feeling self-conscious and focus on feeling good about myself.  Thus began my mission to handpick and craft pieces that radiate confidence, sprinkled with timeless allure and a dash of boldness that knows no age or occasion.

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you to this line-up of products. Fingers crossed, because I'm hoping you'll be smitten just like I am. Here's to striding ahead with a swagger, embracing every facet of your unique self – a toast to that!

Quality Craftsmanship

Layer One is committed to providing high quality products for our customers. Each piece is thoughtfully hand picked, tested and even customized, considering functionality, fashion and trend. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you can feel assured you are getting quality products.

Join Our Journey

I invite you to be part of our journey. Whether you are searching for comfortable everyday wear or something for a special occasion, feeling cute and fun, on the couch, at work or in a social setting!

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback. We are always here to assist. Connect with us through:
Email:  kathleen@layeroneclothing.com
Facebook: Layer One Clothing
Insta: Layer.One.Clothing
TikTok: LayerOneClothing

Thank you for choosing Layer One Clothing. Together, let's embrace confidence, one layer at a time.  And thank you for supporting us as we grow!